Thai Rotary Engineering Public Co., Ltd. (“TREL”) was established in year 1993 through the joint venture between a local Thai contractor and a Singapore registered parent company, Rotary Engineering Limited (“REL”). TREL is a leading engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) company specializing in the bulk storage terminal projects

img including its process related facilities and also the mechanical fabrication services for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries in both the local and regional markets.

REL is one of the region’s largest engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance (“EPCM”) partner to the oil and gas, petrochemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries. REL was public listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange since July 1993.

Our TREL impressive portfolio of completed projects is the testament to our clients’ confidence both in us as an organization that can deliver and in our all-encompassing EPC solutions-from tank construction and engineering of pipes to building electrical and temperature control systems.

At TREL, we partner our valued clients in their success, and this comes through in the unique way that we work. We primarily use our own in-house construction teams of employees so as to maintain complete control and responsibility over our work. Our construction team is fully employed by us under the close supervision of our expertly trained staff across the region. For us, safety and quality controls are of paramount importance and we can only achieve these if we know each and every team member. By harnessing traditional knowledge and know-hows, coupled with our innovative alternatives and optimized use of technology, we deliver our obligations to our clients with safety, quality and productivity excellence.

Today TREL has over 1,200 employees and we operate within the region including the Middle East countries. With pride and dedication, we will continue to provide unrivalled project management, intelligent solution implementation and extensive support to all our clients region wide.

Our Rotary logo says it simply and clearly - Smart thinking, Safe hands equate to solutions that are intelligent, innovative and reliable. TREL stands for outstanding services and safe construction. Our clients know that they are in the right hands.


In 2015, we saw the continued decline of the Brent crude oil benchmark price from its peak of US$110 per barrel (June2014) to US$38 per barrel as at 31 December 2015. This decline in oil price caused repercussions in the oil and gas sector, as oil majors and national oil companies reduced capital expenditure and operating expenditure to cope with the consequent fall in revenue. However, the sharp decline in the crude oil price caused a contango situation in the futures market, pricing oil for future delivery at a premium to oil for immediate delivery. This situation, based on the fundamental view that energy demand by growing emerging economies remains sound, caused a rush to store oil for future delivery. As a result, tankages at onshore terminals were filled to capacity and offshore floating storage had to fill the gap in storage demand and supply. While some plans for new terminals were put on hold, there were also farsighted parties that started plans to build more storage, in anticipation of the eventual upturn.


In FY2015, our business development strategy was to target smaller projects in the home market while looking out for scarcer, bigger projects in the Middle East. We have also adopted another approach to address new opportunities. Besides tenders and direct negotiations, we explored striking strategic partnerships and taking an equity stake in projects to align our interest with that of the potential client. Having skin in the game reflects our confidence in our experience and expertise, in the project, and in the longer term prospects of the industry. Business development will seek out opportunities that align with the Group’s twin strategies for resilient growth. The first strategy is to occupy all parts of the storage and distribution value chain. The second strategy is to own and operate assets that will yield a stable income to smoothen the project-based income.


Perfection is in the details At Thai Rotary, we believe that a firm foundation is key. And in our scope of services, that foundation is laid at the design phase. Here we have it planned and drawn to perfection thanks to our elite team of multi-disciplined engineers. Disciplines included : process/chemical, civil and structural, mechanical, piping, tankage, electrical and instrumentation engineering. With the support of our design centres in India and Singapore, our engineering team lays the foundation for each outstanding project that bears our mark of quality. More than 200 multi-disciplined design engineers


We’re well connected Our depth of presence in the industry over the years has meant that we have built up a vast network of trusted suppliers with reliable products. As a result, you benefit from the cost savings we enjoy through bulk procurement. And because our expeditors keep a very tight watch on schedules, you can be assured that materials will arrive on time. With Thai Rotary by your side, gone are the days when late delivery of suppliers delay completion of your projects. It is often your clients who set their own budgets, brief us on the brand and quality of materials preferred. We ensure we stick to specifications and keep things within parameters – because we can. Because we are connected, you are too.
Our one-stop solution provides 3rd-party logistics and warehouse management for bulk materials, engineered equipment and spares


Known for quality fabrication work, both in shop fabrication and field erection of API 650 and API 620 storage tanks, ASME Sec VIII Div1 and 2 pressure vessels, heat exchangers, spherical tanks and skids, we have served industrial clients in Thailand and globally. We have successfully constructed new and expansion projects of storage terminals, petroleum and oil refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants, through our multi-disciplined team of Mechanical, Piping, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation experts. Our construction experience ranges from shop fabricated ‘U’ stamped vessels to double walled LNG tanks.


A good HSE track record is an integral part of Rotary’s DNA. We have long subscribed to the principle that Safety,Quality and Productivity (SQP) work hand-in-hand; without good HSE practices, the best engineering and project management skills are useless. Having a high standard of HSE is good for us internally and is also a definite competitive advantage when it comes to bidding for projects. High HSE standards are a requirement for the larger, well-known companies such as the oil majors.


Rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) standards make good business In FY2015, we successfully completed the Surveillance Audit for ISO9001:2015, TIS18001:2554, OHSAS18001:2007 & ASME STAMP. The audit result showed that the HSE management system of the companies in the Group has met the requirements of the ISO 14001:2014 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Year after year, the Group has consistently garnered awards for its performance in HSE.